Ratigan: Would you kindly sit down and SHUT UP?! A small Dumbo toy is the source of the bubbles, and there is a mouse-sized baby carriage that is slowly rocking back and forth. Haven’t you figured it out yet, Doctor? Basil: Yes, yes. (He clears his throat and wraps his arms around his men. Ha-ha! No, no, no, not that way. SEWER RAT! Miss Kitty strikes one final pose. Someone has taken the liberty of removing the clockwork mechanisms from these toys. Fidget: (Laughing) Bye-bye. It is a very bittersweet moment as Olivia embraces the mouse who saved her life, as well as her father. ), Record: (Ratigan singing) ♪ (hugging Felicia fatherly) Did Daddy’s little honey bun enjoy her tasty treat? Oh how wonderful! Then Felicia was defeated. I gotta hide! Upstairs in the flat of the famous Sherlock Holmes, Basil opens a small wall design, his secret passage, and peeks outside. Really, one would hardly recognize you. A storm is approaching as Fidget pedals the dirigible and Ratigan steers. Some of the worlds are: Planet Earth, Under The Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Circus, Transports and Culinary Arts. Gears, double check. Basil: Oh, how could I have been so blind? Cut to Basil’s flat, where in place of Ratigans picture, there is a newspaper clipping with a picture of Basil and Dawson bowing before the Queen, apparently being knighted for their bravery. You have been hanging upside down too long. Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (He continues speaking as he gathers several pillows.) Out of my way! (He pretends to wipe at his eyes with his handkerchief, crying.) The camera zooms outward as Dawson concludes his narration. Ratigan: By the way, Basil, I just love your disguise. No, stop you stupid fur ball! Olivia bites his hand, making Ratigan scream in pain, giving Basil the opportunity to climb up the gear and seize the professor’s cape, and tangle it between two gears. (Dawson is by now getting angry.) (Basil opens a small box and pulls out another bullet. Ah-ha! But as Ratigan pulls out the bell again, they get their inspiration back. Ratigan looks a little dismayed, but he recovers and struts back towards his terrified men.). Basil: Please, I’m trying to concentrate. Ratigan is cooing over his cat, wiping her mouth with his handkerchief.). I should have watched her more closely. Each world has more than 20 groups with 5 puzzles each. Basil: Ah-ha! Bartholomew's tail is wagging at the chance for more liquor, and he tosses his empty glass over his shoulder, and rushes over to the fountain, drinking from one of the spouts.) Denmark censors requested 30 seconds of cuts, while Finland and Sweden released it without any restrictions. Basil's Voice: (Triumphantly) Ah-ha! Olivia walks over to the front door, and turns again. Bill the Lizard: I-it was just a slip of the tongue. The Queen has her rope around Fidget, and gives it a tight tug. Basil: (leans down and puts his hands on her shoulders and smiles.) Dawson: We all make mistakes! Oh my, we’re late to catch our train. Seize this despicable creature! Now, tell me your story and, pray, be precise. FIDGET! (He pops his head above the chair as she spits out more feathers.) Dawson looks around in terror and throws the pillows onto an armchair. Basil: Hurry, Dawson! Outside, Olivia is tugging on Basil's coat and pointing to Dawson and Flaversham, who are approaching. Hmm. These dolls have been stripped of their uniforms. Dawson and Mrs. Judson look inside, where Olivia is already seated by the fireplace examining a magnifying glass with interest. (he leads Dawson and Flaversham outside, then spots Ratigan's dirigible.) (Olivia turns to him. Dawson stands at attention and salutes as Basil walks past. Steady hand…. (She hands him a small newspaper clipping.) Why- (he suddenly looks over to the record, which is skipping. If that is your decision. What a sense of humor. We must be off to…Toby’s. Ratigan jumps, messing up his hair and collar. (Bartholomew drunkenly climbs out as the rest of the thugs lift Ratigan up into their arms, spinning him around.) He turns to them, with a sinister smile as he makes a kissy face. Basil: Oh, it’s finally happened! Fidget falls to a watery death in the hames as Ratigan hops on the propeller and moves forward but Fidget was defeated. Smile everyone! Isn’t that right, Doctor? This is a sequel I made for The Great Mouse Detective, but it's based on Sherlock Holmes the Musical, or as they call it The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes. Basil: Know him? Olivia! I should have known better than to… (he stops mid-rant and sees Dawson simply standing there, his back turned, and his head hung sadly.) Basil! One of his men hands him his top hat, which he rolls down his arms before putting it on. You know what to do, and no mistakes! He winds the key and sets it in front of her. (He adds a deerstalker cap.). (smells cheese crumpets from the kitchen.) The crowd is fooled by the Robot Queen as it steps out. She gives it back to Dawson and he puts it back in his pocket, taking a seat beside her.) The head that made headlines in every newspaper Fidget: See how you like that! (whips out Fidget's hat, and Toby starts to growl. (Then he moves in front of the chair.) Ellen FitzHugh voices the Bar Maid at the pub. Olivia is standing on Toby's muzzle and holds out her arms towards Basil, who gives her a look of annoyance, but holds his arms out to her. Back inside, Ratigan throws his attackers away and sheds his robe. Everything on the list. …detective… (Now leaning over him…) …in all mousedom! Basil is seething.). "Goodbye, So Soon" is a song from the film, The Great Mouse Detectivesung by Ratigan. However, Basil and the others have finally caught up, and the detective is preparing to jump. Mister Basil, help! Ratigan: ♪From the brain that brought you the Big Ben Caper Broken wing. It certainly is a seedy pub, where clearly every lowlife in London has gathered. I’ve won! Down below, Ratigan's face is filled with anger. He is more panicked) Dawson! She turns, lifting her tail, and making a show of leaping down the other side. The main charact… He cackles evilly as his shadow looms over the door to the toy shop. Ratigan: Adieu, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, farewell! Ratigan is regarded as the most infamous criminal in all of Mousedom. (He bangs his head against the bottle in frustration. (he focuses the lens on the letter.) (Olivia has stopped by the window. He scrambled away from the edge and staggered up again, clutching his bleeding arm in pain. (We come to an empty barrel on its side, and an iron door with bars.) Dawson is heard from behind the pier column. Basil whistles and Toby comes running. Basil motions for Dawson to follow him and they quietly creep behind, as Fidget sings Miss Kitty's song to himself: Fidget: (Singing) Let me be good to you…Ba-boo ba-boom…So dream on, and drink your beer…Your baby’s here! From inside a forgotten rain boot, he can hear someone crying. Basil: Ratigan’s proved he’s more clever than I. I had just arrived in London after lengthy service in Afghanistan and was anxious to find a quiet place...(A drop of rain falls onto the paper; chuckling, Dawson folds it up and opens his umbrella. Tomorrow evening, our beloved monarch celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, and…with the enthusiastic help of our good friend, Mr. Flaversham… (The mice chuckle. Fidget takes the bag and hops from roof to roof, back towards Ratigan's lair. Item one. Basil’s smarter than you! Ratigan ignores this and lifts up Bartholomew by his sweater. (rushes over to a drain grate, lifts it up and disappears below.). His face is red with fury, but just as quickly as his temper rose, Ratigan calms down, and he scoops Fidget into his arms. Clearly of the type used in sewer lamps. Basil: The thrill of the hunt, eh, Dawson? (grins maniacally, but Dawson is horrified that his suggestion was actually taken. Ye…Yeah! Snap! Here kitty, kitty. (The door bursts open to reveal a large mouse dressed in Chinese robes. Dawson: (Dawson accepts gracefully…) Of course. On opposite sides, Basil and Fidget are climbing to the top. The barmaid is tickling a patron under his chin, but when he puckers his lips for a kiss, she punches him so hard he flies from his chair. Outside Basil's window, Toby has an ear lifted, nodding along with Basil's conclusion. Basil and Dawson watch intently as a single green droplet is hanging above the violet chemical. The Napoleon of crime! )…the metal ball is released. You’re a ton, toots. (He retrieves an Inverness cape from a suit of armor and puts it on. Dawson is ready, but terrified at what may be suicide.) Maybe you know him. Olivia is tossed into the air, and caught by Flaversham who pulls her to safety. Basil: (Expectantly) Did he have a crippled wing? (As she rushes to join them, she seizes her hat and scarf, knocking over Basil's violin in the process. Toby…. Olivia: (She gasps.) It then rolls by a fiddle player and a carousel. We’re going to find my father. Basil: (Formally) Basil of Baker Street, my good fellow. Basil stiffens at the insult. Dawson: But Basil, how could he fit through such a tiny…, Basil: Observe, Doctor. His thugs bow as the lighting becomes normal again. Ratigan moves in front of the robot, hiding it from the crowd’s eyes, but they're not buying his scheme anymore. Olivia: Then you’ll get my daddy back? Basil, the rodent Sherlock Holmes, investigates the kidnapping of a toy maker and uncovers its link to his archenemy, Professor Ratigan. Dawson: Ah! I ran. Oh ho… But here, let me show you how it works. Ratigan is nowhere in sight as Dawson calls out to him, approaching the edge of the hand. And over the years, we had many cases together. (Basil picks up an ordinary bullet and places it in the gun, all the meanwhile answering Dawson without interruption.). Basil turns just in time to see Ratigan leap forward to tackle him. (Basil jerks at the controls, causing the robot’s head to fly up and spin, biting Ratigan's nose. "Set it off now." Dawson: Do-do you think there’s a chance? And quite soon, if I’m not mistaken. Creeping up unnoticed behind him is Ratigan, his left fist poised, ready to knock Basil down, while the other hand is clamped over Olivia's mouth. They shake hands. ♪To Ratigan…the world’s greatest-♪, (A gulping noise is heard along with the cat’s content meow. The first reading matches…) Yeah… (…so does the second one.) Basil: Good boy, good boy! Basil: Ratigan, so help me… I’ll see you behind bars yet! Basil tries to leap for him, but as he does, the blocks tumble and fall, taking Basil down with them. I took care of everything. The thunderstorm is meanwhile shown to be very intense. After Liza Minnelli was briefly considered, Melissa Manchester was hired as the new singer of the song. Basil: Yes! Fidget: (pushes her inside and puts the cork in the bottle.) Lightyear (2022), Artwork of Toby, Basil, Olivia, and Ratigan, used for the film's 1992 video release. The Great Mouse Detective, in contrast, was made by people who were, unquestionably, a bundle of jangled nerves. ), (Ratigan sets the doll down and watches it dance.). The fight continues as Dawson climbs down the passageway, with Basil right behind him. Robot Queen: On this most august occasion, we are gathered here not only to commemorate my 60 years as Queen, but to honor one…. Basil seizes her arm just as the gears connect, and the two smile at each other as the chain continues to lift them to the top of the tower. Ratigan: (Puzzled, impatiently) You’re not coming through. Fidget cowers as Ratigan clutches his chest, apparently having a heart attack. It’s not…entirely hopeless. Basil: Ah-ha! Ratigan stands at the doorway, applauding. Come along, Olivia. Flaversham: …of truly! Toby has made it to the palace, and holds his nose to a ledge, where Basil, Olivia, and Dawson race in through a mouse hole. They stare at Basil in shock as the barmaid recovers from her shock, clearly unwilling to admit her knowledge of the criminal mastermind. Basil has clamped his hand over Dawson's mouth, and has adopted a tough-guy accent to cover up his associate. Basil: Now Toby! And has… (With these words, he has discovered something else; Basil puts the paper to his lips and smacks it several times.) He watches confidently as Dawson pulls his hand back, displaying that Fidget has used the window as a door.). The blade falls lengthwise, slicing through the ropes and trap, effectively freeing them. Down below, Basil sees Fidget up ahead, climbing into a drain pipe. As Basil stealthily moves between the toys and through shadows, Olivia and Dawson stay close behind. Over Ratigan's continued "So long", Dawson continues to try and knock some sense into Basil.) Basil: There’s always a chance, Doctor… (lights his pipe.) As the song plays the cord tightens, and when the song ends… (The cord is moving upward, tied to a cork which is supporting a wine glass with a metal ball inside. Fidget makes leaps at the top, catching the ledge of the open sky roof. Oh no, oh no. The table flies towards the cupboard, shutting the door and pushing Olivia back.) Seconds later, she gives another terrified screech as several more dogs can be heard barking and growling. Ah, wait just a moment. Ratigan: (Mock crying) For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans. Toby doesn’t seem too thrilled with the introduction and growls at Dawson. As Toby rushes out, he accidentally stomps on his master. Basil rushes by, but Fidget has wound up a toy jouster, which moves towards them with an outstretched spear. Basil starts rushing ahead, urging Dawson to follow him. ), Dawson: Basil! The two men leave, leaving Basil, Olivia, and Dawson free to come out into the open. Dawson: Wh-wh-what did he mean, an engagement in Buckingham Palace? Olivia Flaversham. Outside, Basil, Olivia and Dawson are now back at the waterfront. I-I-I'm trying to find Basil of Baker Street. Fidget's peg gets caught in a hole in the floorboard, and he falls and angrily yanks his foot out, sending himself stumbling back into the bar. Basil: (interrupts him by handing him the gun.) He gives a sudden howl and breaks into a run. His vision blurred for only a second, he moves back. Dawson is petrified as the mouse bursts inside, rushing towards one of the many tables.) Basil: Ha! Basil looks over his shoulder, having seen more strange evidence.) (Basil points his bow in the direction of the fireplace, where a picture of a well-dressed rat sits on the mantle frame. Basil: As you can see, Dawson, this young lady has just arrived from the Hampstead district and is troubled about the disappearance of an emerald ring missing from the third finger of her right hand. Olivia: (More upset) That’s why I m-m-must find Basil! I got gears. Felicia pouts for a moment, then spits the poor mangled bat out. They look behind them and see that Olivia has turned on a toy music box, and is watching the noisy fireman band play. A horse drawn carriage drives by. The pianist ducks the punch, which hits the piano instead. Boom! No, didn’t get girl. Right! I want you to- (He turns, but Toby isn’t listening to him, as the dog is on his back enjoying a belly rub from Olivia. There’s not a moment to lose. Basil seizes the moment to reveal what he was trying to say earlier, and puts his arm around Dawson. Basil jumps on the neck of the bottle and begins to pull at the cork. Basil: Excuse me, Dawson. (Before Basil could answer, thundering footsteps appoach. The octopus quite literally runs for his life offstage as food, knifes, bottles, and darts are thrown towards him. Poor Basil! Olivia: (gets in the green bottle by the cork, yelling) Help! The lighting turns red as the illusion is shattered. Hello. Inside, Olivia and her father are celebrating Olivia’s 5th birthday. Basil catches the tail of the aircraft, swinging forward. Fidget cowers as it moves higher. A crime to top all crimes…a crime that will live in infamy! What in heaven’s name is going on? No mistakes, sir. Meanwhile, Dawson has found the list. (Standing in the doorway are Olivia and Mrs. Judson, who is comforting the young girl.). I’m going! The drop falls, making the chemical turn red, to Basil's elation. ), Basil: Yes! Than to…Um, eh Dawson? BASIL! Ratigan: Sorry, chubby. ), (Outside, the robot is falling apart until little remains but a pile of scrap metal and a pair of eyes and a set of teeth on a spring). Drat! (He pulls out his microscope to take a closer look.) Olivia shushes him as two shadows approach – Sherlock Holmes and Watson. (climbs up a flag pole and shouts down.) We still don’t know where it came from. Midfall, Ratigan grabs Basil again, and they hit the hour hand. Gather up those balloons. (She soon discovers her pillows are nothing but feathers.) Basil: (Apologetically) Don’t worry, old fellow. Record: ♪You'll find your separate way With time so short I’ll say so long And go so soon Goodbye (Back inside, the record is slowly tightening the cable.) I hope you guys like it. The Queen is distracted by the sound of knocking at her door and adjusts her crown before answering. Your father is as good as found. A small puff of smoke comes out as the chemical turns violet. "Let Me Be Good To You" was also once entitled, "Look At Me". Dawson: What? Daddy! Basil: I’ve spotted our peg-legged- (he looks to the bar, but Fidget is gone. (Fidget grabs the hats from the soldiers and stuffs them into his bag. He moves in front of Toby.) Dr. David Q. The rat scowls at the resultant stain and wipes it off with a hankerchief.) He manages to cling to the edge of the balcony, and is trying to avoid Felicia's jaws. Ratigan laughs evilly as Fidget and the rest of his thugs join in. She darts through bushes and flower beds and scrambles up a wall, where Toby can only leap up halfway and bark at her. He opens his paper again, and we see that he has marked several places available for rent.) (knocks at the glass.) His thugs gasp in terror as Ratigan spins, towering over Bartholomew. A marvelous performance. Though frankly, I expected you fifteen minutes earlier. …by a bat who has been drinking Rodent’s Delight! This time, nothing, not even Basil, can stand in my way! Ah, I just adore Jubilees. (As Olivia's cries echo in the night, the camera zooms out into the clouds. (opens the note and begins reading.) Basil: Quickly Dawson, we’ve not a moment to lose! ), (Basil is now behind them, poking his head through a banister. Dawson's voice: From that time on, Basil and I were a close team. He’s going to put you in jail. Dawson copies his movements, though his seem to be a little more exaggerated. The pianist, angry that Dawson is on his piano, is ready to hit him with a plank, but just as he swings, Dawson slumps down again. How extraordinary! Ratigan: (gets in the detective’s face.) Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. And aren’t you proud to be a part of it? This was too profoundly satisfying to quit now. Ratigan: Oh, you want to lighten the load? Flaversham turns, horrified as Ratigan jumps from mouse to mouse, and grabs a robe to swing himself to the balcony. (takes the crutch from the man, who falls to the ground, triumphantly.) Back in his true form, Basil quickly forms a plan. Auch, no. The Thugs boo heavily. Olivia has unknowingly followed them, and she opens it further. (Olivia pushes against the door and is able to move the table. Basil! (Several thugs, dressed in British Guard uniforms as well, move the package as Ratigan walks over to Flaversham, who is bound by ropes, standing by Olivia's bottle, where we see that she’s safe and sound…for now.) Soon to be in the clutches of the most depraved mind in all of London!