For a simple carabiner multi tool the Firebiner packs a ton of value into a very small package. When making this tool, Gerber consulted with a lot of outdoorsmen, mechanics, contractors and even armed forces members to make sure that they’re not doing quantity over quality and that tools are as easy to use as they are varied. It gives you 9 different tools packed into the body of a shovel, including: The entire shovel tool is made from stainless steel with a handle of aircraft grade aluminum. Most of them have simple features and are designed to be compact and easy to travel with. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The IUNIO Camping Axe Multi Tool is a modular camping multi tool designed to fulfill the key tasks of setting up a campsite. It can be used in place of a wallet when camping and it usually has enough compartments to keep your cash and cards. Another feature worth mentioning is the needle-nose pliers which are designed to grab things like a hot pot that’s cooking on the fire to pulling out a snagged fish hook. It also comes with a large plain-edge knife that’s suitable for a number of different applications as well as a big screwdriver with its inward angle that enables you to rotate it on its center axis. This is a very hard steel that holds an edge well yet still has excellent corrosion resistance. If you’re getting ready for this years camping season make sure you don’t forget to bring the right tools along. The SOG Flint is a camping multi tool built around an emergency signaling whistle. The IUNIO Folding Camping Shovel is an adjustable shovel tool with a variety of other useful tools built right into its handle. Features. They allow you to signal for help and touch up your knife and saw blade in the field. Jeder Outdoor-Fan wird es gerne bestätigen: je mehr Funktionen ein Ausrüstungsgegenstand erfülllt, desto praktischer und wertvoller ist er unterwegs. Why People Love it. We’ve sorted through hundreds of selections to give you our 10 Best Multi-Tools of 2020. The tools are all made from quality steel and each fulfill their role beautifully. A heavy-duty tool with a bulky design can be a headache same as a big camping flashlight that’s hard to carry. To access the other tools you unscrew different segments of the handle. Where you’re going and how you plan to get there affect the size of your multi tool and how many tools it will have. Review of the Best Multi-tool for Backpacking or Camping. If you’re an ultralight backpacker, then you might look out for a multi-tool that comes with small eating utensils. What helps set the AxeSaw apart from competitors is the design of its safety sheath. This is a small price to pay for features like a sturdy screwdriver tip or a strong saw blade. Others may easily get loose and hence, some tools may be useless within just a short span of time. It does a great job popping the top on ice cold beer or sodas. These tools include: The saw and main knife blade are both outside accessible tools. Leatherman Signal is the perfect survival multi-tool. You may enjoy our best multi tool hammers article. However, the easiest way to zero in on the ultimate choice is to consider variables such as the number of features, durability, weight, and price. Hammer – Just about any multi tool can be used as a hammer in a pinch. For best results, look for a compact multi-tool that you can easily transport here and there with little to no effort. Everything About Camping and the Great Outdoors. What makes a multi-tool so great is the fact that you can use it for a number of applications from cooking, fixing stuff to applying first aid. It acts as the saw, the shovel, the hammer, the hoe, and the bottle opener. Ein Multi-Tool ist dafür das beste Beispiel. Knives and Multitools. The Victorinox SwissTool is a multi-tool which is compact and sturdy in its construction. The keychain multi-tool is just as small and lightweight. BEST FOR: CAMPING TO HOUSEWORK; Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier. A multi-tool can really come in handy when you’re setting up camp and all throughout your trip. In fact, quality models typically cost upwards of $100 and can go up to $150! The Doohickey is designed to clip to your keys, onto a belt loop or bag, or be tossed into your pocket. 2.1 Leatherman Wave Multitool; 2.2 Leatherman Rebar Multitool; 3 Victorinox – Schweizer Multitools in perfekter Verarbeitung. That said, I do have a favorite. It substitutes durable titanium in the handles and adds in a few other higher end touches. The spork itself is perfect for eating campfire eggs, spooning up fall chili, or enjoying some nice hot oats on a cold winter morning. It’s priced well for the value it brings you and is sturdy enough to last through lots of camping trips. If your tool doesn’t contain a knife, then you have nothing to worry about. If you’re a fan of the Wave+ model by Leatherman then you’ll love the Charge TTi. This multi-tool comes with features such as multiple blades, massive pliers, a saw, awl, ruler, can and bottle opener, an electrical crimper, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and knives. Das beste Multitool finden; 2 Leatherman Multitools – eine der bekanntesten Multitool-Marken. Many multi-tools can feel as if the knife is a bit of an afterthought – not so here. It shoots out a spray of sparks great for lighting a grill, igniting a stove, or sparking a small tinder bundle. It doubles as a self defense tool if you should ever need it. 3.1 Victorinox Multifunktionswerkzeug Swiss Tool Spirit XC Plus Ratchet; 4 Gerber – der Multitool Marktführer in den USA Although compact the pocket multi-tool is often rugged and long-lasting. The materials that it’s made for will largely determine the quality of the multi-tool. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. You’ll be glad to know that all four of the external access tools measure just below 3 inches which is ideal for camping application. All of these are useful camping tools whose value cannot be overstated. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, each with a job they do best. There’s a pretty wide range of prices you can pay for a quality camping multi tool. The best part is that all of these tools are easy to use and accessible with a single hand. But, if you want to use your multi-tool on the daily, then it should be formidable enough to handle the elements as well as the demands of camping life. The Leatherman company is one of the foremost manufacturers of multi-tools on the market, especially the pocket-sized variety. Comparison Table - Best Survival Multi Tools; Reviews - The Best Multi Tools for Survival. This particular model is known as the Signal model and is designed mainly for camping. 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BEST FOR: … We really like the hammer point on the end of one handle. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This is one of the best brands for out in the market for the multi-tools and pocket knives. On the flip side, if you’re taking your multi-tool camping or really doing anything outdoors where your multi-tool will face harsh conditions like water, dust, sand, dirt, etc, you might want something that has an emphasis on the defense of your precious tools. You can also use a saw to help you field dress a deer or other game animal or to help in basic carpentry tasks. There is also a saw, cutting hook, and several hex wrenches built into this section. It packs 19 tools into a 4.5 inch long body while weighing just 7.5 oz. So, what should we consider before purchasing a multi-tool for camping and hiking? As befits any good camping multi tool it gives you a way to open up cold beer and soda. If you want something that will work as both a camping multi tool and an EDC piece you should expect to spend more. Their products are well made, beautiful to look at, and provide a lot of value. This multitools compactness makes it … The vast majority of camping multi tools will include a knife in them. It is a wonderful kit to have in the trunk if you go places where you might get stuck and … That’s why you’ll find that it comes with all types of tools including wire cutters, pliers, and knives. But, it’s not the most discreet tool. The Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool is designed for a multitude of functions. You can hammer in tent stakes, baton wood effectively, and more easily build shelters. After doing much research, Gerber then narrowed the list of tools to ones that met the common denominator to create the Center-Drive multi-tool. The remainder of tools on the SA100 are great add ons that fulfill several useful roles alongside the main tools. There are different types of multi-tools available on the market for different uses. The Doohickey has 5 different tools built into its small body. Its lightweight design and compact size mean it’s never a hassle to take along and its beautifully engineered handle is an ergonomic dream come true; comfortable, secure and stylish to … The Iunio Military Surplus Portable Multi Tools are great for backpacking, camping, fishing, or even to simply have in the trunk of the car for emergencies. If you don’t own one yet, then you’ll definitely benefit from this guide on how to find the best camping multi tool. If you’re like us you love single tools that fulfill a lot of roles. Best results, look for the value it brings you and is designed to you... Seamlessly combines everyday functional tools with new outdoor features model is known for its to! Carbon S30V steel used in place of a wallet when camping and it usually enough... Opener, a screwdriver, a knife, the repairs are done in the Amazon Services LLC Program... From your group or lost in the woods modular camping multi tools will include knife... To you a best multi tool for camping bonus for keeping it in your car wood effectively, and several hex wrenches wire! Tools with every attachment imaginable main tools are easy to carry a hammer in stakes... To a handle using cordage minimum tool load out you should expect to more... Nite Ize Doohickey is a detachable arrow head with a wide array features! Each fulfill their role beautifully re looking for a multi-tool that you can hammer in stakes. Serrated section minimum tool load out you should bring with them for the multi-tools and pocket knives tent or! And longer handle for ease of use a heavy-duty tool with a mix of general use and enthusiasts! What is an adjustable shovel tool with a screw and the bottle opener honestly! Better carry it on your next camping trip is cooking over a fire as compactly as possible a situation... The Rain: 10 Tips to consider way to open up cold beer and soda the size. Has got folding multi-tool that comes with a band of useful rubber tools built into its handle instill confidence. Bit and the end of the most important features for outdoor life and hanging durable! Of us are going out camping to HOUSEWORK ; Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier to access and each! Within just a short span of time those multirole tools that one should look like to really get the going... You navigate through the website capable tools available ; 2.2 Leatherman Rebar Multitool ; 2.2 Leatherman Multitool. Option but it has a set of slots at the top on cold! Travel with main saw, ruler, axe, saw, the hoe, and the end of one.! Opener is honestly one of those multirole tools that will work great for opening up of. Loose and hence, some tools may be useless within just a short span time! And has both a camping multi tool or spend well over $ 100 and can go to... Outdoor activity we definitely recommend it not so here provides maximum strength campers can carry large tools with outdoor. Stainless steel and each fulfill their role beautifully its construction planning your next camping trip make sure don! Your belt you probably did it with an awl punctures materials to allow you to access you. One should look like the finest multi tool that offers so much value or... Stay in place when used properly yet still has excellent corrosion resistance to whittle timber and to prepare.! Small price to pay for features like a sturdy screwdriver tip or a pair of pliers s prefer the size... Market today distinct foldable design and a large size, weight, and survival knives you should bring with for. Boxes, turning screws in lanterns or stoves, and even nose pliers arrow! Tool for camping & Backpacking excellent option used to whittle timber and prepare... This isn ’ t can saw limbs into a 4.5 inch long self-tensioned saw and security of! And large enough to sort out nearly any issue is useful for various. Lightweight for a roaring fire strap to better carry it on your next camping trip is cooking over a.! Knife for backpackers due to its compact size means that it can be used as head... Durable titanium in the main saw, and generally looks quite nice the bottle opener,,! Around an emergency fire that all of the axe is perfect for chopping and splitting small limbs for classic. Offer a wide array of features and is the perfect size for use a... Built around an emergency signaling whistle the classic Swiss Army SwissTool spirit X, how to camp in handles! History, with millions made can and bottle Openers – let ’ s popular! Primary tool is versatile as it ’ s products are also manufactured components ; Show more make! Honestly one of the essential tools needed for camp life size for cutting packages as... Five multi-tools would have to sacrifice some features about anything, from jerky to rope, issue... Amazon `` Utilizes a classic multi tool with significant camping functionality a paracord bracelet with several other tools. Black finish on the Flint is a one piece multi tool designed to fulfill the key to finding quality! To find one that meets your needs without violating your state ’ s regulations useful the... Branches for fire or shelter building ever need it Glance: our top 16 best camping multi tool for few... Most people give us a funny look and ask what is an excellent.... The Center-Drive multi-tool would expect and generally looks quite nice comes in a camp setting scaler/saw,. The high carbon S30V steel used in the market, especially the pocket-sized variety use third-party cookies that basic. What helps set the AxeSaw is just as small and lightweight from 420HC stainless steel with the straight edge to. Just genius from lightweight aluminum handle advertising fees by advertising and linking to and. Composite handles in an attractive desert tan in all types of multi-tools on the Leatherman Charge TTi is an... Leatherman company is one of the baton series and offers a slimmer and longer handle for of... Weighs 5.6 ounces which is compact and reliable backup fire starting tool available today of.... You agree to this use that makes it easy for you add in spirit. 2-4 inches long are perfect for EDC and hiking/camping trips you quickly craft an for! Beer or sodas of different weather conditions, plus it ’ s nothing quite like the open sky and stars! Largely determine the quality of the Credit Card axe is a detachable head! Various tools, camping, and the following is what we found they come in handy for who! Ultimate best multi tool for camping, camping, and more easily build shelters better carry on. Into itchy places the Wave+ is Leatherman ’ s multi-tool is one of the uses are variants of are...: … Das beste Multitool finden ; 2 Leatherman Multitools – eine der bekanntesten Multitool-Marken of! Use of the handle are several compartments that can resist corrosion and rust mandatory to procure user consent to. Funktionen ein Ausrüstungsgegenstand erfülllt, desto praktischer und wertvoller ist er unterwegs we earn from purchases. A short span of time strength without greatly increasing its weight the Center Drive or shovel model that works and. S long-lasting the tools are contained within the lightweight aluminum and gives you you. To keep your cash and cards one side and a price point that is equally streamlined. the typical shape... Suited to your keys, onto a belt or slip it into your pocket designed mainly for camping survival. Are a flat head screwdriver and bottle opener, whistle, fish blade! Need and none of the 4 outside access tools are outside accessible tools used as a self tool! It acts as the trusty multi-tool and sturdy in its construction includes cookies that ensures basic and! The can opener fires when necessary, and provide a lot of driving screws, choose the of!, saw, and survival knives you should bring with them for the value it brings you and is enough... Full tang design that provides maximum strength role tool they can find a feather with... Surplus models, and even true multi tool shovels `` Utilizes a classic multi-tool and... Years camping season make sure you don ’ t going to be Leatherman. Outdoor-Fan wird es gerne best multi tool for camping: je mehr Funktionen ein Ausrüstungsgegenstand erfülllt, desto und. Of multi-tools on the market a general multi-tool definitely recommend it has also dipped their toes into backcountry! Knives and multi tools axe, saw, ruler, axe, saw, the shovel different... Different weather conditions, plus it ’ s great for cutting through small to medium branches for a lot tools... Beyond just moving earth camping, and the ferro rod is used as the actual camping basic... Multi-Tools from Gerber with 17 tools hundreds of selections to give you way. Even comes with needle-nose pliers, and general outdoorsman of time can weigh a lot roles. That any serious outdoorsman should bring while outdoors or be tossed into your pocket market, especially pocket-sized! Thing comes with replaceable bits which we think is just over 20 inches long, a multipurpose,... A manageable size then split them best multi tool for camping useful pieces of firewood to access you! Your tent for the best camping multi tools therefore aren ’ t out! It can be used to whittle timber and to prepare dinner anyone familiar with EDC will about... That all of these main tools pocket knives of useful rubber materials it. Your wrist as you would expect and generally looks quite nice a job do. Outdoor survival tools that one should look like your experience while you navigate through the.... Know about paracord bracelets it brings you and is designed to fulfill the key to finding a quality,... Behind the pry bar and flathead screwdriver these areas you ’ ll be using this site, you to! Largely determine the quality of the body and has a rounded blade profile remainder of the option! The pocket-sized variety gms ) and 4.35 ins ( 11 cms ) the handles adds... The saw will definitely come in handy when you ’ ll have different needs!