Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or … Growth spreads horizontally bearing unique alternate leaves. his spring Deb and I have  been enjoying the graceful layered form and eye-popping gold leaf color of our Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood. If your Golden Shadows receives some direct sun part of the day from the high angled summer sun, but has long winter shadows from trees or a structure that spares it from intense winter sun exposure, it will likely prosper. Attractive lacy white flowers in spring add to its charm. Golden Shadows Dogwood Zone 3#2 $29.956' 6' A selection of Pagoda Dogwood. With its luminous yellow variegation, Golden Shadows® Pagoda Dogwood has turned this humble green frog into a prince! Pruning Naturally strong horizontal habit needs little, if any pruning to attain a pleasing shape. We have  seasonal full-time and part-time positions available. Quick Turn. document.reCAPTCHAv2 = reCAPTCHAv2; Plant of the Week: Plant of the Week: Golden Shadows® Cornus, Grower Sheet: Golden Shadows Cornus Grower Sheet. } This pagoda dogwood naturally grows with a distinctive horizontal branching habit, which gives it a strong but not overwhelming presence. Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’ Variegated Pagoda Dogwood. When you're seeking a plant for shady areas (partial, open shade), consider one of the excellent cultivars of pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia), such as 'Golden Shadows,' with brightly-colored variegated leaves. USDA Zone 3, USDA Zone 4, USDA Zone 5, USDA Zone 6, USDA Zone 7, USDA Zone 8, Privacy/Legal How much are your golden shadow dogwoods? It is also an attractive plant. Features: Growing Tips Filtered light is best; can be grown in full shade, though variegation will not be as intense. A brilliant small tree horizontally branched, this pagoda dogwood deserves a special place in your home landscape. It appears that Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwoods can handle our cold winter temperatures and hot humid summers just fine, but have thin bark that can sunburn if direct winter sun bounces off snowbanks onto the stems. (Dogwood) Golden Shadows ® Cornus is an outstanding new variegated selection of ‘Pagoda’ dogwood with bright, golden-yellow, variegated foliage. (P.P.11287) Offers something to enjoy in every season. A big bold gold margin surrounds the emerald green center. Even the partial shade of the bare branches of shade trees in the winter will be enough to protect the Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood. Pagoda Dogwood. La Pagoda Golden Shadows prospera en las zonas de rusticidad de las plantas del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos 3 a 8. A great choice for the smaller garden, the Gold-variegated Pagoda Dogwood, Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows, is a small, slow-growing deciduous tree with an elegant, narrow habit and beautiful, tiered branches.The leaves are oval, emerging scarlet in spring, soon turning green and gold-variegated, and gaining copper tints in autumn. We are thrilled to offer this rare and special tree … Pagoda Dogwood Information Pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) is a large shrub or small tree for a garden or backyard. The plant's common name derives from the tiered, pagoda-like shape of the growth habit, and the Latin species name derives from the alternate position of the leaves on the stems. This … Deer resistant, Foliage interest, Alkaline soil, Clay soil, Tree, Native, Filters: Bright spring flowers and vibrant fall foliage Prepare your lawn for multiple seasons of exciting color with the Celestial Shadow Dogwood. Si se está preguntando cómo cultivar un árbol de las Sombras Doradas, comience por controlar su clima. jQuery(". When do you ship, and what size ? { Keep roots cool and moist. May. In summer the flowers become white berries on contrasting red stems. May 14, 2020 - Golden Shadows pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) is the perfect small tree to accentuate your landscape or garden. These adaptable trees are most often found in moist forests, along streams and creek banks, as well as in open meadows. White flowers, Golden Shadowsâ„¢ Dogwood has outstanding coleus-like yellow and green leaves Pagoda dogwood is native to eastern North America, from Newfoundland west to southern Manitoba and Minnesota, and south to northern Florida and Mississippi. The branches grow mostly horizontal with a graceful, slight droop, offering interest even when they're bare of leaves. These berries are a very important food source for a number of different kinds of wildlife in the fall and winter. var reCAPTCHAv2 = function(object){ if( object == undefined ) object = "g-recaptcha"; if( object.length == undefined ) object = [object]; Early every spring hundreds of bright, cotton white blooms will emerge all over the tree. - Thrives in light shade. Pagoda dogwood makes an excellent small tree or large shrub in a shade garden or for naturalizing. Once established it develops an eye-catching, tiered habit. Lacy white blooms in … }); Its scientific name Cornus alternifolia Newly released, it’s noted for large heart-shaped leaves of … Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia 'W. Golden canker is a common disease of pagoda dogwood. Truly a multi-season tree not to be missed! Growing Golden Shadows Dogwood . GOLDEN SHADOWS PAGODA DOGWOOD TREE Golden Shadows® Cornus alternifolia, in particular, is a plant that brings me a great deal of joy. Rich woodlands and forest margins in moist well-drained soils[82]. We have Golden Shadow Pagoda Dogwoods in three sizes and in somewhat limited quantities. Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows™ | White Flower Farm The common name for Cornus alternifolia, Pagoda Dogwood, comes from the graceful, horizontal branching habit of this small tree. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer … The pagoda cultivar Golden Shadows (Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’) is a light and lively little dogwood. Infected branches turn bright yellow to orange in color and die. What size and how many liners are you looking for? In addition to aesthetically pleasing branch architecture, the bright gold variegated leaves of our Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood add an intense color burst to our spring garden that rivals that of our Northern Sun Forsythia tree that just finished its bloom cycle. A new form of Wedding Cake Tree. Avoid very sunny sites, particularly in warmer climates. Golden canker can kill small twigs, large branches, and the main stem of pagoda dogwood. The pagoda dogwood is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. Solomon Seal, Polygonatum. Soil Prefers moist, acidic, well drained soil and filtered shade. It is also small, rarely growing over 12 feet (3.5 m.) tall. grecaptcha.render(object[i], { This is a unique understory foliage shrub that adds texture and color to shaded settings. Elegant structure and color. Attractive, lacy white flowers grace the stunning foliage in the spring. Even when the bright gold has faded, our Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood continues to add an artistic element to our garden with its angular layered branch structure that is almost sculptured. You'll love the way the horizontal branching makes the dazzling golden foliage seem to float in space. This large shrub/ medium tree grows to 1… 2787. for( var i = 0; i